Thursday, May 24, 2018


1. Multiplication
• Multiply 6 by 3. 
• Solve this equation by adding the number "6" to the original "6" two times.
• 6+6+6=18

2. Division

• Divide 8 by 2. 
• Reduce 8 as many times as you can above the division line then reduce 2 as many times as you can under the division line. 
• You should come up with 4/1. 
• 8 is divided by 2 four times. 

3. Fractions

• Add 1/4 and 1/5. 
• Multiply the first fraction by 5 and the second fraction by 4 before adding each fraction.  
• 5/20 + 4/20 = 9/20
• Subtract 2/7 from 5/7. 
• 5/7 - 2/7  = 3/7

4. Algebra 

• 30 (x) = 30x
• 3(2x+5y) = 6x+15y
• 5(4y-3x) = 20y-15x 

5. Square roots and cube roots

 • 6² = 6*6=36
 • 3³√ =3*3*3=27

 6. What it means to do distribution and like terms

• Anytime a number is in front of parentheses, it's called a distributor.
• Let's say you had to solve 3(4y-2) + 5y
• Do: 3(4y-2) + 5y
• Done? The answer is 3 times 4y minus 3(2) + 5y = 12y - 6 + 5y = 17y - 6. The 3 is the distributor and the like terms are 12y and 5y.

7. Not doing long addition the old-fashioned way
Used to adding 2 double-digit numbers by factoring them line by line and inserting numbers carried over from the bottom of the equation to the top? 
There's an easier way to do this.
• If you had to add 14 and 47, you can simplify this by adding 4 and 7 on paper or in your head then adding 1 and 4 then multiplying that result by 10 on paper or in your head.
• Do: 14 + 47.
• Done? The answer is 61. 4 + 7 =11 separated by (1 + 4) x 10 = 50. Combine 11 and 50 and you have 61.

8. Becoming familiar with roots of words to figure out how many sides make up different angles
"Penta" means five and "hexa" means six, so a pentagon is a geometric shape having 5 sides.
Use the chart containing geometric angles above to get the hang of learning the various geometric shapes.

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