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Make math easier with the proper technique. Here are steps for basic math and algebra.

1. Multiplication
• Multiply 6 by 3. 
• Solve this equation by adding the number "6" to the original "6" two times.
• 6+6+6=18

2. Division
• Divide 8 by 2. 
• Reduce 8 as many times as you can above the division line then reduce 2 as many times as you can under the division line. 
• You should come up with 4/1. 
• 8 is divided by 2 four times. 

3. Fractions
• Add 1/4 and 1/5. 
• Multiply the first fraction by 5 and the second fraction by 4 before adding each fraction.  
• 5/20 + 4/20 = 9/20
• Subtract 2/7 from 5/7. 
• 5/7 - 2/7  = 3/7

4. Algebra 
• 30 (x) = 30x
• 3(2x+5y) = 6x+15y
• 5(4y-3x) = 20y-15x 

5. Square roots and cube roots
 • 6² = 6*6=36
 • 3³√ =3*3*3=27

6. What it means to do distribution and like terms
• Anytime a number is in front of parentheses, it's called a distributor.
• Let's say you had to solve 3(4y-2) + 5y
• Do: 3(4y-2) + 5y
• Done? The answer is 3 times 4y minus 3(2) + 5y = 12y - 6 + 5y = 17y - 6. The 3 is the distributor and the like terms are 12y and 5y. 

7. Combining different algebra terms then solving equation
• Let's do 7ab - 3bc - 2ab + 5bc.
• You may be able to solve this in your head but you still need to know how to write it out, especially if a situation appears in which you must show your teacher your work. After you work out the equation above, I'll show you how I did it. If I were you, I would break up the individual components and use parentheses.
• Done?
• I did it this way: 1. (7ab - 2ab) = 5ab, 2. (5bc - 3bc) = 2bc, 3. Final answer is 5ab + 2bc. 

8. Doing division the easy way
• Yes, you can separate two numbers by a division sign bracket then work out the equation in long form fashion but why would you want to?
• There's an easier way to do this.
• If you had to divide 16 by 4, you can simplify this by multiplying "4" by itself as many times as it takes to reach "16" in your head or on paper to get the answer.
• Do: 16 ÷ 4
• Done? The answer is 4. 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 16; therefore, 16 ÷ 4 = 4.

9. Counting dots to quickly solve division problems
• Based on an assigned division equation, you can draw a set number of boxes then fill them with dots then count the number of dots in the first box. 
• Use the suggestion discussed above to solve 18 ÷ 2
• Done? The answer is 9. All you had to do was draw 2 boxes that have a total sum of 18 dots then count the number of dots in the first box. It's best to make each box contain the same number of dots; in this situation, you would ideally put 9 dots in both boxes.

10. Doing subtraction through regrouping
The video above covers this technique so you can make the large number subtraction process easier; however, I have my own trick up my sleeve.
If you had to subtract 23 from 56, it would be easiest to write "20" under "56" then subtract these two numbers then subtract 3 from that result to get your final answer.
• Solve the equation of 56 - 23.
• Done? The answer is 33. 56 - 20 = 36. 36 - 3 = 33 

11. Solving the area and perimeter of polygons without using a calculator
Using the worksheet to the left will enable you to do this.
• Click the document then print it out if you prefer to write on it to master geometry measurements.

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