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1. Multiplication
• Multiply 6 by 3. 
• Solve this equation by adding the number "6" to the original "6" two times.
• 6+6+6=18

2. Division

• Divide 8 by 2. 
• Reduce 8 as many times as you can above the division line then reduce 2 as many times as you can under the division line. 
• You should come up with 4/1. 
• 8 is divided by 2 four times. 

3. Fractions

• Add 1/4 and 1/5. 
• Multiply the first fraction by 5 and the second fraction by 4 before adding each fraction.  
• 5/20 + 4/20 = 9/20
• Subtract 2/7 from 5/7. 
• 5/7 - 2/7  = 3/7

4. Algebra 

• 30 (x) = 30x
• 3(2x+5y) = 6x+15y
• 5(4y-3x) = 20y-15x 

5. Square roots and cube roots

 • 6² = 6*6=36
 • 3³√ =3*3*3=27

 6. What it means to do distribution and like terms

• Anytime a number is in front of parentheses, it's called a distributor.
• Let's say you had to solve 3(4y-2) + 5y
• Do: 3(4y-2) + 5y
• Done? The answer is 3 times 4y minus 3(2) + 5y = 12y - 6 + 5y = 17y - 6. The 3 is the distributor and the like terms are 12y and 5y.

7. Not doing long addition the old-fashioned way
Used to adding 2 double-digit numbers by factoring them line by line and inserting numbers carried over from the bottom of the equation to the top? 
There's an easier way to do this.
• If you had to add 14 and 47, you can simplify this by adding 4 and 7 on paper or in your head then adding 1 and 4 then multiplying that result by 10 on paper or in your head.
• Do: 14 + 47.
• Done? The answer is 61. 4 + 7 =11 separated by (1 + 4) x 10 = 50. Combine 11 and 50 and you have 61.

8. Doing algebra in unaccustomed ways
You probably haven't seen problems such as 6 = y/3. Solve for y.
Done? The answer is 18. 3 times 6 = 18.

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